ZCC commemorates Africa Day in Style

By Promise Mupfigo –

On May 25, 2024, the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) commemorated Africa Day in style at the United Methodist Church (UMC) in St. Peters, Mutare with a sermon by by Captain Muzamba, who emphasized on the need for the participants to reflect on the story of the Ethiopian man in Acts 8:30.

The congregation had the opportunity to hear a testimony from a survivor of drug abuse. The survivor shared their journey of overcoming addiction, providing firsthand information on the challenges and recovery. He indicated that he had become a social outcast, selling his belongings to buy drugs.

The event also featured a diverse modelling showcase that included participants of all ages proudly flaunting their African attires. The inclusive nature of the modelling segment delivered excitement and joy to the congregation. This highlight depicted the beauty of cultural diversity within the community.

During the Africa Day celebrations, the ZCC Board Treasurer, Mrs. Daphine Mudarikwa, delivered her speech highlighting the significance of the day. “Africa Day is an annual celebration that honours the rich diversity of African cultures and commemorates the founding of the Organisation of African Unity. Today, we have come together to celebrate this important day with prayers, music, dance, preaching, and the showcasing of traditional foods and clothing as Women Ecumenical Fellowship,” Mrs. Mudarikwa remarked.

She went on to express her gratitude to various individuals and groups who contributed to the success of the event. “I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the ZCC, our Secretariat, as well as our Patron, Rev. Machipisa, and all the Reverends present. I also want to acknowledge the dedication of all Clergy wives, the WEF Executive, every woman in attendance, and all the youths who participated in today’s celebrations,” Mrs. Mudarikwa stated.

Speaking after the event, Greater Mutare WEF Chair Mrs. Judith Muringa opined that she was impressed by the biggest turnout of people for the event and the support the Clergy is rendering to the WEF in planning their event. The Secretary, Mrs. Tafadzwa Chitiyo, concurred and laid out their next course of action, including spearheading the fight against drugs and substance abuse in schools, the community, and the church, influencing LEF-centered activities, and advocating for key emerging issues within the province.


The event was organized by the Women Ecumenical Fellowship (WEF) Greater Mutare and ran under the theme, Do you understand what you are reading?.  Over 250 participants attended from various areas within Manicaland Province, including Mutare Urban, Mutasa, and Zimunya. The congregation was comprised of men, women, and youth. The commemorations provided an opportunity for women to fellowship and share lessons on key emerging issues within the province. These included drug and substance abuse, a mental health brief, the showcasing of traditional foods, and modelling.

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