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ZCC is a fellowship of 31 member churches who
together represent Christians in Zimbabwe.

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Collection of resources for the ZCC,
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The humanitarian and development services department focuses more on emergency preparedness, water and sanitation, addressing of severe and moderate acute malnutrition and transmission of communicable diseases, health, diversified livelihoods and resilience building programs.

The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) (Established in 1964) is a fellowship of Christian Churches largely from Protestant Churches in Zimbabwe, epitomises the aphorism: unity in necessary things, freedom in doubtful things, and charity in all things. The inter-denominational fellowship, convened around ecumenism, civic engagement and humanitarian intervention, is one of Zimbabwe’s most accomplished Ecumenical Movements and development agencies. With a strong base of 31 Member Churches and para church organizations, the ZCC remains one of the strongest ecumenical bodies in Zimbabwe. A prophetic voice of note in the country, the ZCC is alert both to avert and respond to gender-based violence (GBV), political intolerance and economic injustice through sustained advocacy on the basis of the constitutional, scriptural and theological values of universal equality and human dignity for all. The ZCC, together with its ecumenical partners, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ), the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC) and the Union for Development of Apostolic Churches in Zimbabwe (UDACIZA) constitute the Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations (ZHOCD). Together they form the largest religious and Christian constituency in Zimbabwe. The ZCC also provides a forum for churches in their common work of leadership development towards liberation, reconciliation, justice, peace, human development and rights. The organisation also carries out its prophetic mandate through advocacy at local, regional and national levels by building the capacity of churches and communities. The ZCC’s educational mandate is not only directed at building up communities but also capacitating Christian leaders for effective stewardship as well as developing competent leaders for various sectors of society. Being a Member Church to the ZCC entails the following benefits, among others:  Access to opportunities for ecumenical collaboration with other Churches.  An amplified voice and greater influence of the Church in society.  Space for Churches to innovate & increase their ecumenical footprint in nation building & response  Access to expert knowledge and mutual learning opportunities.  Sharing of resources with other Churches.  Access to regional, continental and global ecumenical and developmental networks for scaled influence.

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The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) is a communion of churches which confess the triune God; God the Father through whom all things are created, the Lord Jesus Christ through whom all people and creation are saved and the Holy Spirit through whom all creation is nurtured and sanctified. It unites in the ongoing renewal of the church through the proclamation of the Word of God. It envisions a strong Christian ecumenical fellowship for a united, peaceful, just, and prosperous nation, where all citizens experience holistic salvation.

Currently, the ZCC is made up of 31 Christian denominations and 10 para-church organizations with an estimated reach of 3 million people in Zimbabwe. ZCC was found in 1964 on the shared theological understanding that God the father who created and sustains all creation continues to save and redeem it through his Son Jesus Christ.

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