Calls For Inclusive Recruitment, Regional Integration, and Enhanced Support to Territorial Brigades

By Vanessa Makarichi –

The Zimbabwe Territorial Brigades, a crucial component of the Salvation Army’s mission, kicked off their revival weekend in Harare on March 10th, 2024. The air was charged with a sense of spiritual anticipation, as calls for Inclusive Recruitment, Regional Integration, and Enhanced Support echoed through the gathering.

The weekend held immense significance as the brigades were formally commissioned, and new leaders from various regions of the country were appointed to lead their respective units. Assistant Chief Secretary Colonel Henry Chitanda delivered a powerful message to the new leaders, urging them to fulfil their roles with unwavering dedication and in a manner that reflects God’s glory. He assured them that any doubts or questions they may have would be addressed promptly.

“A leader must walk uprightly so that God may be glorified. Take up your positions without fear, knowing that all your concerns will be taken care of,” Colonel Chitanda encouraged the new leaders.

Major Foroma, another prominent figure at the event, emphasized the importance of standing firm in Christ. He reminded brigade members of their identity and purpose in Him, urging them to rely on Jesus as their ultimate guide and leader.

“As these new leaders step into their roles, they must stand firm in Christ Jesus, for He is the ultimate leader of us all,” Major Foroma emphasized.

The revival weekend continued with fervour and enthusiasm, as the Zimbabwe Territorial Brigades prepared to embark on their mission with renewed passion and commitment. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of unity and purpose, as leaders and members alike embraced their calling to serve God and their community through the Salvation Army.

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